The Music Mill is passionate about all things musical, media and broadcast and love nothing better than to have the opportunity to share this highly creative space with students and schools in our local area. We welcome children from ages 5 and up to be able to experience the world of music, media and broadcast in one convenient location and have the opportunity to work along side our skilled professionals.


We offer themed school trips to all age students and are keen to work with each school to tailor a learner centred package.

A good example of this is when we worked with Blackpool Primary School and we took a hundred children from year one and year two and turned The Music Mill facility into an Astronaut Training Centre to compliment the schools space theme for the winter term. Activities during the day included:

  • Recording space noises in our Recording Studio
  • Creating space story animations
  • Using our Radio Studio to talk to “The President of Space”

At the end of the Trip the Student and their family and friends can listen to their work on our online radio station Music Mill FM. Copies of the animations and the sound bites created on that day are supplied to the School for future viewing and enjoyment back in the School environment.

A school trip at The Music Mill helps develop self confidence team building skills, essence of who they are and communications skills.

To find out more contact us now at 01626 361999.

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