Music Lessons

The Music Mill offers music lessons for young and old between half an hour and an hour. With our experienced teacher Don the process of learning will be enjoyable, easy but still successful and professional. From now on you can attend to Guitar and Piano lessons on several days a week. Individual and group lessons will be available. Suitable for children age 7+ and adults and all abilities.


If you are interested or have any other questions call us right now here: 01626 361999


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Guitar Lesson 30 Minutes: £15 GBP
Guitar Lesson 60 Minutes: £30 GBP

Guitar Group Lesson (3 people) 30 Minutes: £5 GBP per person
Guitar Group Lesson (3 people) 60 Minutes: £10 GBP per person

Piano Lesson 30 Minutes: £15 GBP
Piano Lesson 60 Minutes: £30 GBP





Don: Our experienced teacher Don is versatile in playing and teaching the piano, the guitar and the violin. With a A*-Level in GCSE Music and A-Level AS & A Level Music he provides the needed qualifications for a great learning experience. After studying the piano he achieved Grade 8 there (ABRSM). Also he has got grade 5 violin and music theory and is a skilled guitar player.

He is used to be teaching pupils to play an instrument as he has been teaching at Knowles High School for a year in individual and group sessions.


While graduating at Southampton University in composition he taught four or five people to play the piano from scratch. Since 2012 he is part of the 10 piece festival band „The Skull Kids“ and is the main songwriter and arranger for them as he provides the needed knowledge in music theory as well as a fine sense for theatrical entertainment.

Over the last years he has been teaching children continuously and has gained lots of experience and knowledge in how to keep them motivated to practice and how to rehearse effectively.