Music Production & Recording Studio Workshop

"A once in a lifetime recording studio experience"
Interested in music production ?  Want to be shown how to record your music by World Class Experts ?

Course Overview

This course aims to provide a clear and concise overview about how to make the most of your music production environment. We will take you on a journey through the music production process from setting up, recording to producing a final CD master. You will be mentored by top industry professionals who will reveal the secrets that they have used to capture the sounds that gave birth to some of the most iconic hit records of all time. Whether you are a beginner or and experienced engineer, this music production course will provide you with a better understanding of the recording environment, tools and professional techniques to guide you on your own personal journey.


Whats Covered?

  • How to set up s basic music production environment
  • An overview of Microphones and cabling
  • A fundamental understanding of mixing desks signal flow (analogue and digital)
  • An overview of outboard equipment and signal dynamics

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  • An overview of basic music mixing techniques – effects/processing/compression/stereo placement
  • Practical application of making your product and producing a CD

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Where is the course delivered?This course will take place in a flagship Studio at The Music Mill which blends Malcolm recording at the Music Millthe best of high quality analogue with the effectiveness and flexibility of digital recording in a studio designed and installed by a world renown recording expert, Professor Malcolm Toft.

Lead Tutor - Richard Digby Smith

Digby SmithIn 1970, Digby started his studio career as a staff engineer for Island Records and later became the chief engineer for all of Islands UK studio division. Digby is renowned for his eclectic repertoire having worked with artists ranging from The London Symphony Orchestra to Eric Clapton and Bob Marley to Paul McCartney. During this time Digby was part of the team that produced the Led Zeppelin classic albums 3 and 4, including the famous Stairway to Heaven. Read Full Bio

You will receive a Music Mill certificate on completion of the 2 day workshop

Course dates

  • TBC

Contact Us if you would like to enroll, or if you have any questions or queries.

Tailored courses to your own specific music technology and production requirements are also available. Please don’t hesitate to contact The Music Mill Team.


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