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perhaps perhaps perhaps

Celebrating Doris Day's 90th Birthday

The Simmertones are delighted to announce the release of the single “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps” which features a duet with the Legendary Doris Day and The Simmertones’ lead singer Glyn Wilcox.


'Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps' - The Simmertones feat. Doris Day

For the 90th birthday of Doris Day The Simmertones have recorded 'Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps' and mix it with the original version by Doris Day. It's pretty amazing and it will be released very soon! Help and be part of it with the crowd funding.

Big JG Cake Fest 31 Aug

Big JG Cake Festival - 31 August 2014 - SIGN UP

We are putting on a huge party in honour of John Govier who leaves the BBC after 20 years. John’s Saturday show has given hundreds of local musicians a platform to promote and discuss their music, inspiration and their favourite type of cake. We are inviting any musician who has performed on his show to come and join us on the stage at the Big JG Cake Fest on 31st August and to give him a party to remember.